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Rekommendationer för GEWA Connect


GEWA Connect is a combined hardware/app solution that enables people to access and use their Android device via switch scanning. It works in native Android environment and uses functions and method very close to the operating system Android. These functions and methods behaves differently on different phone and tablet models.

GEWA Connect also integrates closely with other apps, such as the home screen, the keyboard and the camera app. How these other apps are maintained and updated is out of our control and we can therefore not guarantee a perfect user experience with either some or all hardware models.

With this information we want to give our best recommendations for an optimal experience with GEWA Connect.

Device recommendations

As a simple first rule of thumb: the better performance of the phone or tablet the better experience with GEWA Connect. GEWA Connect is somewhat performance heavy and good hardware performance is key for a great user experience.

Screen size: GEWA Connect will work on all screen sizes but we recommend a screen not smaller than 4.5”.

Manufacturer: Well established manufacturers like Samsung, Sony and Google are recommended.

Android version: Minimum required version is 5.0, recommended version is 7.0 or higher.

Software recommendations

Different phone and tablet models comes with different default apps. In general, apps from Google are the ones using the Android standards best and therefore works best with GEWA Connect.

If problems with scanning appears in some of these default apps we have a couple of recommendations:

Homescreen: NOVA Launcher

Camera: Camera MX

Webb browser: Chrome

Keyboard: Gboard

SMS: Android Messages

Recommended Settings

We do not recommend the usage of unlock method Swipe for unlocking the lock screen. On many mobile devices this doesn’t work. The unlock method that works best is PIN.

Avoid using other apps that put themselves “on top” in Android (such as screen filters). Since GEWA Connect uses this methodology, conflicts might appear.

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