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By using Lightwriter, Lena has been given back her human voice.

When Lena Halldorf was told that she had tongue cancer she was faced with the choice of death or undergoing an operation which would leave her without a voice. “In hindsight the choice was easy. But at the time it wasn't as easy to picture life without the ability to speak, in addition to the potential of a change to my appearance,” says Lena.


She now carries three things with her at all times: her feed line, her syringe and her device. She uses the feed line and syringe to be able to eat. The device is a Lightwriter; a small and handy speech device that she carries with her at all times, both at home and on the job as editor of the personnel magazine at Jönköping University.

“The Lightwriter has given me back my human voice,” says Lena. “Now, I have no problems talking on the phone with people who don't know that I have a speech impediment, neither at work nor privately. Talking is simply more fun now. It is quick, modern, has a great dictionary and makes my day-to-day life easier,” explains Lena.


Lena is living proof that it is possible to live life as normal despite a functional impairment, and that there is no need to isolate yourself or hide away simply because you are different.