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Daily time management

Improved performance in daily time management




Research studies have concluded that Abilia’s time assistive tools facilitate managing time in daily living and adapting to time demands. The tools compensate for a lack of time-processing ability.


Users find that Abilia´s tools help them to keep track of weekdays, dates and time, to structure daily living, remember appointments and carry out daily routines and activities. Family members, carers and clinical staff don´t have to remind the users of dates, time and activities to the same extent anymore. The user can manage more of their daily living on their own.


In studies including participants with dementia it was considered that using Abilia's time and day planning tools were highly useful for people who were confused about day and time. Carers experienced fewer calls concerning time and day from the users. Users stopped leaving their flat at night and stopped disturbing neighbors.


Abilia products


MEMOday, MEMOdayplanner, MEMOplanner, Handi, Night-and Day Calendar, MEMO Timer.




The findings are based on 17 research studies including 715 participants, elderly with dementia, children, youngsters and adults with cognitive or psychological disabilities as well as family, carers and clinical staff.


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