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Abilia´s world

We want to make a difference


Our aim is to simplify peoples' everyday lives regardless of their need. We want to give people with special needs the chance to participate and be independent. The founders of our company had their own personal experiences of people close to them who needed help. As truly entrepreneurs, they saw solutions where others saw problems.

We believe in a socially sustainable world of equality and diversity


In Abilia we contribute to a sustainable society. Our ambition is to support the global sustainable objective of the UN Agenda 2030. We focus on improving the lives of people with special needs by improving general health conditions, increased participation in the labor market, better learning environment at schools and independent living at home.

A broad range of high-quality assistive tools


We develop our products based on our profound experience from users and their needs. Supported by research and evidence, we know that our assistive tools and technology help people to get structure over their day, to communicate with people, to control appliances in their home and call for attention. At Abilia we put great focus on providing quality service and support since it is important for our users and customers. Abilia develops, manufactures and sells aids for individuals with disabilities in the areas of communication, cognition and environment control & alarm.

We are passionate about people


Many of our approximately 100 employees have personal experience with disability, either professionally or in relation to a loved one. This not only makes us more committed, but also gives us broad expertise in assistive technology.

We are an international company


We have offices in Sweden, Norway, and the UK. Our product are sold and shipped in over 20 markets around the global thanks to our resellers.

Engaged and long-term owners


Abilia is owned by MedCap, a Nordic investor that focuses on established Life Science companies with significant development potential. MedCap has been part-owner in the former GEWA AB since 2007. Our turnover currently amounts to about SEK 200 million.