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Education is the key to independence

The challenges that come with cognitive disabilities such as autism, ADHD or learning disabilities are unique for every person. Some may excel in certain areas while having difficulties in others. What they have in common are practical everyday problems such as arriving too late or too early, constantly searching for things, forgetting daily tasks such as packing a school bag, facing uncertainty in their daily schedule, not getting started -  quite simply lacking a ”start button”.


What are the usual challenges for students with autism?


•  Difficulties understanding time

•  Remembering what to do

•  Focusing on the task at hand

•  Planning their day

•  Being motivated to start and finish activities


These challenges often lead to stress and anxiety. Our assistive aids provide children with disabilities a tool to handle the stress and anxiety of daily life, increasing their confidence and independence by changing their behavior rather than treating their symptoms.


Consistency is important for children with cognitive challenges. The heart of our cognitive aids is the Abilia Quarter Hour Principle. Based on solid research, The Quarter Hour Principle is a highly effective method for helping children understand and relate to the concept of time.


The choice of the technical aid that is best suited to each child depends on the individual needs of the student and what other tools and methods are currently used at the school.


The best technical aid is the one that is actually used. We have a broad portfolio of technical aids, from easy time management devices to tools for planning and creating structure. For planning tools, we provide a web service called myAbilia which enables both school professionals and relatives to manage content remotely.

Video - Emma gets help with time management