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Time processing

Ability to understand and have a feeling of time




Recent research studies show strong evidence that Abilia´s electronical time and planning tools actually improve a person's time processing ability. Use of the tools develops understanding, orientation and management of time, leading to an improved ability and willingness to perform own activities and routines.

Use of Abilia´s tools improves the user´s ability to estimate how long a certain activity takes to perform as well as their ability to manage time. Users get a better understanding and feeling for time. This makes it possible for users to structure and plan their time and daily living on their own. It facilitates independent living for younger people and adults and prepares children for an independent life in the future.


Family members, carers and clinical staff also experience that users can keep better track of time, remember and carry out activities and better manage their daily living on their own.


Abilia products


MEMOday, MEMOdayplanner, MEMOplanner, Handi, Night- and Day Calendar, MEMO Timer.




The findings are based on 14 research studies including 213 participants, elderly with dementia, children, youngsters and adults with cognitive or psychological disabilities as well as family, carers and clinical staff.


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