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Memory capacity

Improved ability to remember




Several research studies report that Abilia´s cognitive assistive tools provide their users with memory support and can have a positive effect on their memory capacity. The tools facilitate the development of self-help strategies.

The tools support users in remembering the time, date and activities in daily living, working and social situations. For example, they use the alarm function or reminder function in Handi as support to remind them of appointments and tasks, such as what to shop, wash, cook, clean, when to go to bed, and take their medicines.


Handheld computers can also have a positive effect on the users´ knowledge and understanding of their memory capacity, as well as an actual training effect on the memory capacity. Some study participants point out that when they start to use certain functions of the handheld computer, for example, to structure household activities, they get into a good routine. And after some time, the users experience that they no longer have to be reminded in those particular situations. They remember what to do and how to act on their own. 


Abilia products


MEMOday, MEMOdayplanner, MEMOplanner, Handi, Day Calendar, MEMO Timer.




The findings are based on 7 research studies including 482 participants, elderly with dementia, children, youngsters and adults with cognitive or psychiatric disabilities, as well as family, carers and clinical staff. 


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