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Lightwriter SL50

Lightwriter SL50

The new Lightwriter SL50 has been designed to be the best dedicated text-to-speech device for literate users who are unable to communicate effectively through speech.

With a Lightwriter you can participate in social interactions while at work or during leisure time, even in noisy, sunny outdoor or poorly lit environments.

Every part of the Lightwriter SL50 has been designed specifically for purpose. From the dual screens and loud clear speakers, to the user interface and word prediction - everything is focused on delivering your speech as effectively as possible. So, no more compromises, no more distractions, just clear, fast effective communication at the press of a button. Just start typing and off you go.

The Lightwriter SL50 is available in selected markets:
Lightwriter SL50 DE, Germany, Art. nr 1740300
Lightwriter SL50 EU, Ireland, Holland, Art. nr 1740400

Lightwriter - For natural communication