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Abilia puts people to work


We’re committed to a sustainable world where people can contribute equally regardless of their disabilities. We strive to help people with special needs become more independent by participating in society and the workplace. We work closely with local authorities, health services and the private sector to create more equality on the job market.


Independence is a human right


Taking control of your life and having the freedom to make you own choices is a basic human right where work plays an important part. Being able to make a living is a basic need and creates both personal and economic independence as well as a sense of purpose and a higher quality of life.


Diversity means more profitable companies


Many companies are committed to a sustainable society and are working actively with diversity and equality to give everyone the same chance to succeed regardless of age, sex, disability, race, ethnicity, nationality or religion.


When everyone can work, everyone wins


Increased participation for people with disabilities creates concretes economic benefits for everyone. Going from alienation and isolation to a permanent part of the workforce, can work wonders for employee and employer alike

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