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10 March

Inspiring collaboration between Royal Institute of Technology and Abilia

Since January, Abilia has a semester-long collaboration with students…

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22 February

Safety for customers and users when Abilia is awarded with an ISO certification

Abilia is now certified according to ISO 13485, the…

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19 January
MEMOplanner medium

Predictability in everyday life


MEMOplanner is a well-established tool for those that need increased support for time, memory, structure and planning with a simple to…

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18 December
tummar upp

Our customers confirm we make a big difference


We have once again invited our customers to give their feedback in our annual customer satisfaction survey regarding their…

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20 October

MEMO Dayboard – an even better MEMOdayplanner


Today our popular MEMOdayplanner is launching in an updated form,…

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7 October
gewa overlay

Create and print your own pictures for your products!


Abilia offers online services for creating and printing pictures for your products.


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23 September

A new study from the Karolinska Institute shows that heavy chain blankets are an effective and safe aid to sleeplessness


A new study on the effect of chain blankets was recently published in the

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