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UN Agenda 2030 and community impact



How do we contribute

In Abilia we contribute to a sustainable society. Our ambition is to support the global sustainable objective of the UN Agenda 2030.


By giving the right assistive tools and support, we empower people to become independent and increase their participation and contribution to society. Unfortunately, society is not yet equal and that is true for people with disabilities. We can help to bridge the injustice in equalities.


With the right assistive tools students get an opportunity to achieve better results. An employee gets the chance to support oneself and have a meaningful job. Having the right assistive tools to support a person’s life, drastically increases the chances of success in school, work and being able to contribute to society. Being part of society will also have a positive impact on all our health and well-being. 


Do you want to find out how assistive tools have helped a young school girl to structure her daily life in a better way? Please read one of our user stories.

There are 17 global objectives with 169 target and they seek to realize the human rights and a better and more sustainable future for all. The objectives are interconnected, indivisible and balance the three dimensions of sustainable development: the economic, social and environmental.


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At Abilia we focus on the following objectives to improve the future and the daily life for people with disabilities:

3  -  Good Health and Well-being

4   - Quality Education

8   - Decent Work and Economic Growth

10 - Reduced Inequalities

11 - Sustainable cities and communities