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Somna Weighted Blanket gives Bonnie peace during the evening and the night and energy during the day

12-year-old Bonnie, who lives with ADHD, had difficulties falling asleep and often woke up during the night. Some nights she didn’t sleep at all. Somna Weighted Blanket, which decreases worry and anxiety, helps Bonnie, who have had sleeping difficulties for many years, to both fall asleep and go back to sleep.Bonnie tyngtäcke


Without sleep we don’t function. But there is help to get. One aid that has made a great difference for Bonnie, who lives with ADHD, is the Somna Weighted Blanket. The blanket has a 2-in-1 function, a chain side and a padded side. One side facing the body provides an even and deep pressure, while the other side provides an increased sense of touch, also called tactile stimulation. The effect is that you relax, wind down, and achieve a better quality of sleep. For Bonnie, the difference is huge.


- It feels secure and nice with the weight on my body. It makes me relax. I sleep much better and I feel calmer during the days, and I also think that my family feels less stressed.


How much a Somna Weighted Blanket weighs depends on the needs of the user. Bonnie’s blanket weighs eight kilograms. Before the blanket was entered into the family, it was Bonnie’s mother who put weight on Bonnie to make her wind down. Even the dogs in the house have been giving weight with the purpose to make Bonnie fall asleep.


- This is how it’s been since Bonnie was little. When she was a baby, I was sleeping with her in the baby carrier tightened very hard around the body. The weighted blanket is invaluable. Before we got it recommended by an occupational therapist, we didn’t even know such blankets existed, says mother Céline.


The nights were earlier, and were for a long time, characterized by fights when Bonnie couldn’t go back to sleep.


The Somna Weighted Blanket contributes to that the whole family is more rested, not only Bonnie. She is happier, less loud sensitive and has more energy, which in turn makes it easier for her to concentrate. With consistent sleep the whole family can cope with daily life much better.