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Independence, connection and security

Feeling independent, connected and safe is important for everyone. For those living in a care home or in an assisted living situation, it’s especially important to feel that you are being well cared for. This may involve having a say in planning your day or just feeling accepted. For relatives, it is about staying informed and being confident that the loved one is getting the best care possible.


We have a number of aids that help both the individual and the care facility. One example is a shared digital calendar showing the activities for the day and what’s on for the rest of the week where relatives and care-givers can keep track of planned or completed activities live or on the web.


Keeping up with what has happened during the day can not only simplify communication for the relative and the resident, but it can help the resident create structure and a daily routine.


In assisted living using our technology we’ve seen significant improvements for residents such as reduced stress, increased independence and improved quality of life.