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Thanks to MEMO Timer the learners are no longer ever late for lessons



Two learners have recently both been using the MEMO Timer


MEMO Timer

Both thoroughly enjoy having the option to spend their free time in the student union which is in a different building from Trevithick Court. This increases their independence and social skills as they very often interact with other learners/staff within the College community, as well as giving them the opportunity to fully participate in all aspects of College life.


However, they previously had issues with timekeeping that resulted in them often being late back to lessons from break/lunch times. Both have little concept of time and cannot tell the time on a clock, despite this being continuously covered throughout their curriculum.


As we did not want to have to prevent the learners from spending their break/lunch times as they wish (and therefore curb their independence), it was suggested that the use of Abilias cognitive aid MEMO Timer, could be tested.


They have now been using these timers for a total of 4 weeks, and so far, they have been incredibly successful. Both learners have been arriving back to their lessons on time which has ensured that they do not miss any key learning.


Both learners are so delighted with the MEMO Timer that they cannot wait to collect them in the morning. They have both kept the timers safe by attaching them to their lanyards and always remember to collect them in the morning and return them in the afternoon. This, in itself, is very impressive considering their previously poor organisational skills.


Ruth Dixcee, Team Lead Foundation Learning LDD, says:

The timers are fantastic! They are working so well and the two learners who have been using them absolutely love them and come in every day to ask for them. They are no longer ever late for lessons.


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