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Our product range is both broader and simpler

Society, its health services and local councils have a responsibility to ensure that every person with special needs receives the aids he or she needs to live a full life. People with disabilities have a basic human right to be included in society, have access to education and participate at work. And we are convinced that the right assistive tools can make all the difference.


In providing services to people with special needs, local councils and the professionals who work with them are constantly striving to provide the best assistive tools in a cost-efficient way. For therapists, charities, educational professionals and the public healthcare units it is not always easy to keep up with the broad range of aids and selecting the ones most suitable for specific diagnoses and needs.


We at Abilia and our partners assist and support the assessment professionals or team by identifying the device features and benefits that are right for each individual’s unique needs. To help simplify things, Abilia’s products are divided into four categories: Communications, Environmental Control Systems, Cognitive Aids and Alarms.