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Access to the right assistive tool at the right time can make all the difference


Tools for increased participation and independence


We believe in a socially sustainable society where everyone can contribute regardless of their challenges. We want to give people with special needs the chance to participate and be independent. Working closely with health services and people with special needs, we have developed high-quality aids to help people create structure in their daily lives, communicate with people around them, control their home environment or, in the event of difficulties, call for assistance.


A richer, fuller life


Having control over your own life and making your own decisions is a basic human right. Our aids help people with special needs create structure in their daily lives, communicate with people around them, control their home environment or call for assistance.


People who use our aids feel more in control, less stressed and have more self-confidence. They feel they can live a more independent life, socialize more and feel more connected in their daily lives – in school and at work.


Our product range is both broader and simpler


Society and its health services have a responsibility to ensure that every person with special needs receives the aids they need in order to live a full life. Abilia works closely with health services to keep the focus on the individual and make it as easy as possible to find the right aid. Abilia not only develops high-quality products, we also provide administrators, occupational and speech therapists with education and support to make it easier to choose the right one for the job.


Everyone benefits from increased participation and independence


Access to the right aid at the right time in their lives can make all the difference for people with special needs. Finding a simple way to adapt tools to each individual’s needs benefits both the individual and society. A feeling of participation and independence is the antidote to the alienation experienced by many people with cognitive or physical challenges. 





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