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MEMO Dayboard


MEMO Dayboard is a planning tool for those of you who need a visual overview of the day in relation to the course of time.


MEMO Dayboard is used to increase predictability in everyday life. Knowing what is going to happen, as well as when it will happen, is a basic human need.


MEMO Dayboard consists of a magnetic whiteboard and two time pillars, a red one for the day and a blue one for the night. The different colours make it easy to see whether it is day or night. By having text and pictures on the board, you can see what will happen during the day. You can also receive a signal that reminds you of when an activity should take place.


The web application Abilia print it allows you to print photos to your MEMOdayplanner. 508820 MEMO Dayboard, 12 hr 508825 MEMO Dayboard, 24 hr


MEMO Dayboard (art. nr: 508825 & 508820) replaces MEMOdayplanner 3 (art. nr: 508781 & 508780)


The products are marketed as technical aids class I for people with disabilities and comply with Regulation (EU) 2017/745 - MDR.