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MEMOdayplanner 3, 12 hour version - Discontinued

MEMO Dayboard (art. nr: 508825 & 508820) replaces MEMOdayplanner 3 (art. nr: 508781 & 508780)


Do you have difficulty keeping track of time, remembering what to do and for how long time? Or get too distracted by what is in front of you and then forget to go shopping, clean up or eat lunch?

Then you can use MEMOdayplanner, an easy-to-use 24-hour planning board that shows you the time in a concrete way, and gives you a clear view of the day. Using a column of red lights where each light switch off for every quarter or count down during the day and night, you can easily understand where you are in the day. You can also see how long it is until your next activity and what you have coming up later in your schedule.

Studies show that having a good structure in your daily life will reduce stress for both you and your family, giving you confidence to manage everyday life on your own.


Via the Abilia print it web application you can print images to Memodayplanner.

The Quarter hour principle