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Handi 5 SW

Available in Denmark.

Application package with Handi PDA features for installation on one's own Android-based phone or tablet.

After installation, the phone is able to function as a complete Handi PDA, with the start menu as a protective shell.

It is possible to try Handi5 SW for four weeks for free.



Handi5 SW can be used on almost all smartphones. 

Order the demo licence at Write "Handi5 SW Demo" as the subject, and provide your contact details, including your possible workplace, in the email. The administration of your order takes on (1) business day.

Follow the installation instructions in the Handi5 SW manual, see the link below.

Read about how Handi5 SW can be used together with the webservice myAbilia here.

After 4 weeks, Handi5 will stop working. At that time, you must either activate a paid licence key or uninstall Handi5.



MyAbilia is a webservice for people who use Handi5. By using myAbilia, you can manage your calendar from a computer, and get a better overview on a larger screen. You can also receive help with your Handi PDA from support consultants.

Read more about myAbilia here


Handi5 SW licenstime 1 year, 706365
Handi5 SW licenstime 3 year, 706360


The product is marketed as a technical aid class I for people with disabilities and complies with Regulation (EU) 2017/745 - MDR