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myAbilia is a web service for our assistive technology devices Handi, MEMOplanner and CARY Base. With the help of myAbilia, users can get support with planning and managing activities remotely. This complements managing activities directly in the device. 


User data is backed up on myAbilia, which means that it is easy to replace the device if it needs to be replaced for some reason. 


To get started, please go to and create your account. 


myAbilia with group functionality is an additional service to make it easier for staff at care homes, for example, or any group setting that manage multiple users. The group functionality enables staff to easily manage several users' calendars and activities at the same time. 


For more information, please contact one of the salespeople at Abilia.  


myAbilia can also be used to manage our environmental control products GEWA One and GEWA Connect.