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Helping pupils with special needs

For many children and young people on the autism spectrum, school can be a difficult and alienating experience. But this does not have to be the case. With the right support, school can become a positive environment and a place where all children can succeed.


Because these pupils are often stressed and preoccupied, it can be challenging to create an environment where you can help them focus on the tasks at hand and difficult to involve parents in a constructive way. The result is conflicts in the classroom and lower educational achievement. What’s more, stress results in higher absenteeism and attrition for teachers. According to an English survey made by the charity Ambitious About Autism, 60% of the teachers in England do not feel they have had adequate training to teach children with autism.


Creating a more positive environment for students with cognitive disorders requires a combination of different elements: a clear educational method, access to a secluded quiet area when necessary, classrooms designed for over-sensitivity to sound and light and assistive aids for creating daily structure in everyday life.


Our assistive aids provide children with disabilities a tool to handle the stress and anxiety of daily life resulting in increased confidence and independence. Our aids are designed to change behavior rather than treat symptoms.


By using our cognitive assistive aids, we help school professionals:


• Improve their work with students

•  Improve their relationships with parents

•  Reduce conflicts in the classroom

•  Reach higher educational achievement