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With regards of the spreading coronavirus, covid-19

With regards of the spreading coronavirus, covid-19, we would like to make a statement about some of the most important precautions we have taken to help prevent spreading the virus. As a business operating within health care the safety of our customers and own staff is of utter importance,  especially in regards of the mission we are on: To make sure that people with special needs, sometimes elderly or people with underlying diseases, get assistive tools and support in their everyday lives. To many of our end users, it is of importance that we are available for support and service and we will continue to do so during these times - of course with the safety of all involved in mind. We will continue to monitor the situation and follow advice from the relevant authorities in all our business regions, and will update with any further developments.


Service and support

From time to time, our assistive tools and devices are in need of service and support. As usual, our contact information is to find here: https://www.abilia.com/intl/abilias-world/contact-us

Some of our offered services require meeting face to face. We offer these services during this period of time, but with the end user and their individual health situation in mind. 



A decision has been taken to make a shift to digital meetings – to still be able to enhance and build important relations. This means our bigger gatherings, such as seminars, will be held online as webinars or digital meetings. More information about this will follow to all affected.



All our staff is encouraged to follow the guidelines from WHO and local authorities regarding personal hygiene routines to prevent spreading the virus to anyone within or outside our company.