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New version of MEMOplanner


Today is the new, updated version of MEMOplanner available. MEMOplanner will be delivered with the new features. For those who already have a MEMOplanner, it´s easy to download the new version directly from your MEMOplanner.


The new version means improvements and simplifications for our users. MEMOplanner version 3.6 contains the following news:

Create Account.
It is now possible to create a new account on myAbilia directly from the startup guide on MEMOplanner.
Synchronization of selected photos.
The photos that are marked as favorites in MEMOplanner's photo album will be synchronized with the image archive in myAbilia and also to other devices with the same myAbilia account.
Turn off all alarms.
You can completely turn off all alarms for the rest of the day on one device. Alarms are turned off visually and they are automatically activated again at midnight.
Untick an activity
Easily undo an incorrect tick of an event.

See our slideshow on the news in MEMOplanner.