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Marianne, 91 years old, finds security with Abilia's cognitive solution CARY Base

Marianne brukare av CARY Base
In Mariannes residence 

During the autumn of 2023, the Årsta Home Care group in Sweden evaluated Abilia's digital cognitive solution CARY Base at the homes of about ten people with Home Care support. One of these is Marianne, who is happy to share how CARY Base (link) has affected her in her everyday life. 


Marianne is 91 years old and a widow with an eventful life behind her. She is a very talkative and sociable person with a great passion for books and literature. When we meet her, she is happy to share stories from her life, her everyday life today and her experiences of how she is helped in life by the cognitive solution CARY Base from Abilia. 


A real book lover 


Marianne says that she and her husband shared 59 years of their lives together in the same home in Årsta. The entire bedroom is filled with books. It turns out that she is a devoted book lover and likes to disappear into a book. Something she prefers watching TV. During the last years of her husband's life, he put a lot of effort in to make life work for the two of them, so when he passed away three years ago, it became difficult for Marianne to cope on her own. Instead, she now receives support from the Home Service six times a day and is also supervised during the night. She is very grateful for the help she receives from the Home Care staff, including taking her medications and getting help with her personal hygiene. 

Marianne äldre kvinna med hjälpmedel
Marianne using CARY Base

CARY Base shows who is coming and what will happen 


During last autumn, Marianne has had access to cognitive solution from Abilia and for her it has become  invaluable. It is the CARY Base calendar clock that has been given a place right next to the bed and it helps her keep track of what day it is and at all hours of the day. CARY Base also helps keep track of the day's events and reminds you when it's time for a new activity. 


For Marianne, it has become a security in her daily routine as, in addition to showing the time, day and date, it also provides information about what will happen during the day. For example, she can see when the home care staff are coming, who from the home care is coming and what will happen during the visit. It makes her more prepared for what will happen and there will be fewer unwanted surprises. 


Crucial for safety and well-being 


Marianne cannot express enough her appreciation for CARY Base and what it gives her. With the possibility to plan her day and to avoid unpleasant situations, she feels safer and more involved in her own life. For Marianne, the cognitive support is crucial for her well-being and "worth every penny" as she puts it herself. 


Maintain daily routines and independence


91-year-old Marianne is a good example of how Abilia's cognitive solution CARY Base contributes to a better life for people who, like Marianne, have cognitive difficulties and need support with daily routines. With a calendar clock that is easy to handle, clearly shows information on the screen with text and images and that also has information read out, people with cognitive impairment become more secure and independent. For Marianne, it will be so much better when she knows who is coming to visit and what the visit is about. 

We hope that Marianne's story inspires and increases awareness of the positive effects Abilia's welfare technology can contribute to elderly care. 


CARY Base calender clock
CARY Base from Abilia


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