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Take part in society and influence everyday life



Research studies show that Abilia´s cognitive assistive tools facilitate contacts, communication and participation with others in social situations.


The users find themselves taking more initiatives to interact and make contact with other people and participate more in different activities. Using Abilia´s electronic time and planning tools give the users better ability to cope with difficult situations, making them feel more relaxed, relieving their anxiety and making them more comfortable in social situations. Thus, making them feel as a part of society with the possibility to influence everyday life.


Family members and carers find that it is easier to interact and communicate with the users and that their relationship with the users improves. They also experience a higher willingness and motivation from the users to participate in a social situation.

Abilia products

MEMOday, MEMOdayplanner, MEMOplanner, Handi, Night-and Day Calendar, MEMO Timer.



The findings are based on 8 research studies including 504 participants, elderly with dementia, children, youngsters and adults with cognitive- or psychological disabilities as well as family, carers and clinical staff. 


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