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Increased independence



Results from studies show significant evidence that Abilia´s cognitive assistive products contribute to increased independence, facilitate independent living and promote wellbeing. 


Users feel that they need less support and are less dependent on others to carry out both their daily routines as well as specific activities and become more confident in their ability to plan and manage life on their own. Use of the tools allows them to grow and mature in adulthood, giving them greater autonomy in life, at home, study or work and promoting wellbeing.


Carers, relatives and family experience that users get more independent, have an improved mood and an increased capacity to cope with life on their own.


They experience:

  • Fewer calls and questions about the day of the week or the time of the day from the users.
  • Reduced need for them to remind the users of different activities.
  • Users stopped leaving their flat at night and stopped disturbing neighbors

Abilia products

MEMOday, MEMOdayplanner, MEMOplanner, Handi, Night-and Day Calendar, MEMO Timer.



The result is based on 17 studies including around 760 persons, elderly with dementia or children, youngsters, adults with cognitive and psychological disabilities as well as family, carers and clinical staff. 

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