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Reduced costs for state, municipality and county council


Municipalities and county councils pay most of the costs for aids and the support provided by personnel that is required in order to ensure that they work. They also benefit to a large degree from the potential savings. According to the estimates made in studies, municipalities and county councils can recover the investments made in aids for users within one and a half years.


The reduced costs per user and year for municipalities and county councils have been calculated as follows:

  • Reduced costs for social support and care measures
    = SEK 12,900
  • Reduced financial support, pensions, housing supplements, home support etc. = SEK 1,000

The financial returns would be far greater if it were possible to estimate the effects of a reduction in the need for healthcare, medication and special accommodation. For the state, the effects include reduced pay-outs in the form of sickness benefit, housing supplements etc. as well as increased indirect tax income.


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The findings are based on 4 research studies involving 447 participants, students, adults with cognitive disabilities, experts, pedagogues and clinical staff. 
Alwin 2008, Dahlberg 2010, Nilsson Lundmark 2013, Lindstedt 2013 and Pettersson 2008