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We believe in a socially sustainable society where everyone can contribute regardless of their needs. We strive to empower children by helping them focus on their abilities All children have a right to a high-quality education regardless of their needs. They should be able to lead full lives, participate and feel included at school.


Education is the key to independence

Every child has the right to an education and the skills that will prepare him or her for adult life. It is the basis for adapting socially, finding employment and housing and living a full life.


Helping pupils with special needs

Mainstream and special needs schools both strive to give their pupils the best possible tools to make the best of their education. As more pupils are diagnosed, all schools will need to develop learning environments and teaching methods to make everyone feel included and able to focus on learning.


Helping people succeed

Numerous studies show that early support in a person’s life drastically increases the chances of success in school, work and being able to contribute to society. Having a degree-level qualification can significantly improve employment outcomes. The employment gap is significantly smaller between disabled and non-disabled with degrees than in the general population.

See how Handi has been used successfully at a School in Ösby in this video:

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