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Getting Assessments

Assessment process

An Assessment is the process of evaluating an individual’s condition, abilities and skills to determine the most appropriate solution for their needs. It is important get an assessment to find out exactly what the individual needs are and the level of independence. 


After an assessment has been made applying for funding to help pay for the equipment is possible. In many cases there is funding available from NHS, government funding or charities – although it’s not always fast or simple to apply for. 


How to get an Assessment?

Speak to the doctor (GP), nurse, carer or social worker and ask for a referral to a Speech & Language Therapist (SLT), Physiotherapist and/or Occupational Therapist (OT) as soon as possible.


Who performs the Assessment?

Professionals who have the expertise and knowledge to appropriately evaluate you and the factors affecting them perform the assessment. Typically this is a Speech and Language Therapist (SLT), Physiotherapist and/or Occupational Therapist (OT). 

They work with individuals who have conditions that are mentally, physically, developmentally, or emotionally disabling. They also help to develop, recover, or maintain daily living and work skills. Their goal is to help clients lead independent, productive, and satisfying lives.


What factors are considered?

The professional carrying out your assessment will review and evaluate your individual:

  • condition (including any anticipated changes and future considerations)

  • language, cognitive, physical and sensory abilities, including motor skills

  • current and future needs and goals

  • environment

What is the outcome from an Assessment? 

Assessments can help find solutions to enable independent living or to support carers such as providing equipment, advising where to buy equipment, advising on alterations to the home and finding alternative ways to carry out the day-to-day life as independently as possible.


Helpful links to supportive services:

NHS Choices offers advice on how to get an assessment of your care and support needs.

Carers Trust offers support and equipment advice to Carers.

Communication Matters is committed to supporting people who find communication difficult because they have little or no clear speech.

Family Welfare Association has been a leading provider of services to disadvantaged and socially isolated families.

We also have a large listing of assessment centres available on our website.