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Our Purpose

We simplify peoples' everyday lives regardless of their need. We want to give people with special needs the chance to participate and be independent. It is a basic human right to have control over your own life and making your own decisions.  This has been our mission from the very beginning.


The founders of our company had their own personal experiences of people close to them who needed help. As true entrepreneurs, they saw solutions where others saw problems.


Their driving force created tools to give people access to a better daily life – wherever they saw the need.


Coming up with solutions to help people to communicate with others, read a newspaper, write a letter, get to and from work or school, or dine out.


Creating smart home solutions, which makes it easy to open and close doors, get between rooms and turn on and off lights. Just to mention a few.


They paved the way we still follow. Constantly developing new solutions, in order to give people more power over their daily lives.


You can read it in our name. Abilia is inspired by ability, or self-empowerment. We see it every day how we can empower and bring a spark into peoples’ lives. We want to bring this spark to as many people as we possibly can.


Abilia. We invent for life