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Peace of mind, independence and participation make life meaningful


Independence, participation and peace of mind are important for everyone, and it is vital for people living in a group home to feel that they are getting all the care they need. This may involve being included in planning their day-to-day life or being allowed to decide what is important to them. It can also be about feeling included and accepted for who they are.


Peace of mind, independence and participation are important parameters for a meaningful life. This can be achieved by assisting residents to improve their communication, helping them to plan and manage their individual activities, and to participate in meaningful joint activities. There should also be help to prevent anxiety, motor anxiety and insomnia.


It is important for family members to feel informed and confident that the resident is being well looked after.



Abilia’s assistive technology focuses on the individual


Independent research shows that assistive devices provide:

  • Improved communication skills through alternative complementary communication.
  • Increased independence and the ability to start, perform and complete activities.
  • Improved routines through an overview of and structure in life, both for users and family members.
  • Increased calmness and improved sleep by making users feel safe and less stressed.
  • Reduced stress, leading to improved memory and the ability to socialise.