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We are an international company extending our reach through our resellers around the world.



Australia Zyteq Australia www.zyteq.com.au
Australia Epi-Assist http://www.epiassist.com.au/
Austria Mechatron Schnabler GmbH & KG www.mechatron.at
Belgium SKIL n.v. www.skilate.com
Denmark A⁄S Aabentoft www.aabentoft.dk
Finland Haltija www.compaid.fi
Finland Kajo Apuvälineet Oy www.kajo.fi
France CREE www.cree.fr
France Cenomy www.cenomy.fr
Germany ergoMotix GmbH&CoKG www.ergoMotix.com
Germany Hidrex GmbH www.hidrex.de
Germany Humanelektronik GmbH www.humanelektronik.de
Germany Reha Media GmbH www.rehamedia.de
Germany Rehavista www.rehavista.de
Iceland Öryggismidstödin, Security Center of Iceland www.oryggi.is
Ireland Safe care Technologies www.safecaretechnologies.com/
Ireland Sentient www.sentient-healthcare.ie/
Israel Sigma BD https://www.sigma-hc.co.il/
Italy Helpicare www.helpicare.com
Netherlands QuoVadis Nederland B.V. www.qvn.nl
Netherlands rdgKompagne www.rdgkompagne.nl
New Zeeland Zabonne www.zabonne.co.nz
Switzerland ACTIVE Communication GmbH www.activecommunication.ch
UAE Consort World www.consortworld.com
UK Steeper www.steepergroup.com
USA ZYGO–USA www.zygo-usa.com