MEMO Timer 500155 Instructions

Att förstå en viss tidsmängd kan vara svårt. MEMO Timer är ett hjälpmedel som passar alla åldersgrupper och gör det enklare att förstå tid, till exempel hur lång tid en aktivitet tar eller om hur länge en aktivitet ska börja.

Med MEMO Timer kan du lära dig att förstå tid med hjälp av ljuspunkter som slocknar allt eftersom tiden går. Du får en känsla för både tid och tidsmängd. När tiden är slut blir du informerad om det genom ljud, ljus och vibration. I de fall du inte vill störa omgivningen kan du välja att få larmet enbart med vibration.

MEMO Timer finns i fyra versioner:
MEMO Timer 8 - tidsintervall mellan 2-8 minuter ( 500150)
MEMO Timer 20 - tidsintervall mellan 5-20 minuter ( 500155)
MEMO Timer 60 - tidsintervall mellan 15-60 minuter ( 500160)
MEMO Timer 80 - tidsintervall mellan 20-80 minuter ( 500165)


Time is an abstract concept so learning it can be difficult for many people, when someone says half an hour, what does that mean? How do we feel that half an hour has passed? MEMO Timer allows you to get a quick and easy visual track of the time, allowing it to become accessible.

MEMO Timer displays the time as LED’s that go out as the time passes, when the timer is finished the display LEDs will flash; this can be accompanied by an auditory signal or a tactile vibrate option.

MEMO Timer is waterproof so it can be used in the bathroom or outside no matter the weather.


Routines can be stressful and cause anxiety when you find understanding time difficult. MEMO Timer can be a helpful reminder in many ways, if you have to leave the house for school or work in 60 minutes, a 60 minute timer can be used to show how much time has passed and how much is left. The sense of control minimises the risk of unneccesary stress and anxiety. 

The MEMO Timer can help you stay on track by being a reminder to get out the shower or bath after a selected period of time, this again allows you to relax knowing a reminder is in place when time is up rather than relying on another person to let you know.

portable and Easy to use

MEMO Timer is easy to use and understand. It gives a clear picture of the amount of time thanks to the clear LEDs that periodically disappear as time passes by, which gives a visual impression of how much time remains. With support from light, sound and vibration, you will be informed when the selected time has come to an end.

MEMO Timer is small and smooth enough to fit into a normal sized pocket and is comfortable to hold in your hand. It’s robust and durable, allowing you to bring it wherever you go using the wrist and neck straps provided.

memo timer delivers with

  • MEMO Timer
  • Wrist strap
  • Neck strap
  • 2 x AA-batteries 1,5 V
  • Manual

Document and files


MEMO Timer manual 523.15 KB

Technical information

107 x 46 x 25 mm
0,12 kg
AA-batteries 1,5 V
max 80dB