Control Medi Multi 429200 Instructions

Control Medi Multi – A programmable IR transmitter with scanning function and GewaRadio


New design

Control Medi Multi is a newly developed IR transmitter with new design.


Facing slight of hand with easy to press buttons created for people with motor and cognitive disabilities.

IR and GewaRadio

It has 8 buttons and 4 levels (28 functions) with the ability to send both IR and radio (GewaRadio) and can learn IR signals from virtually all remote controls in the world.


It also has a built–in scanning option for people who cannot press the buttons directly. With a control switch, you can control all functions. Scanning speed can be adjusted to suit individual needs.
When you press a button, confirmation is given as vibration, sound and light.


To be able to fasten Control Medi, there is a holder where Control Medi can be placed. See accessories!


Create your own labels for the Control transmitters. Labels for the Control transmitters can be created using our Web-tool or our downloadable Word templates. Both options includes pre made symbols. Once the design is complete, just print the labels.

Our Overlay web tool is very easy to use. Our Word templates provides the ability to several symbols for the same key.

Abilia Overlay Design

Technical information

Size of casing: (L x W x H):
100 x 55 x 22 mm, with rubber feet
Size (8) buttons:
15 x 15 mm
Weight with batteries:
105 grams
3 pcs Alkaline LR03, 1,5V
Pressure force:
Preset IR–channels:
GewaLink–channel 16–33. 1 random 4096–code.
Programming positions:
Included parts:
Neck Strap, 8 buttons keyguard, manual, batteries.

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