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gewa one
gewa one

GEWA One is a remote control that helps individuals manage equipment in a home. You can control the TV, music system, receivers for lights, bed functions, doors and windows. 


In order to keep in touch with loved ones and quickly reach a support person, you can call and send text messages with GEWA One. You choose for yourself whether you want to use the touch screen or navigate around with an external control switch. Symbols, colours and voice recordings help the user quickly find the right button. 


Our web service myAbilia enables service technicians to remotely configure and make preparatory settings in the device. 


User data is backed up on myAbilia, which means that it is easy to replace the device if it needs to be replaced for some reason. 


To get started, please go to and create your account. 461190 replaces 461180 and 461188 


The products are marketed as technical aids class I for people with disabilities and comply with Regulation (EU) 2017/745 - MDR. 


myAbilia can also be used to manage our cognition products Handi, MEMOplanner and CARY Base. 

GEWA One - the easy way to manage your daily life

GEWA One user story

Abilia meets Sodexo Technical Aids Center