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New launch: GEWA One


Today we are launching GEWA One, a modern addition to our ECS product range, which increases independence and reduces involvement in the private space for people with physical disabilities.

GEWA One is a remote control with phone function: It both gives its users the possibility to control their electronic devices and home equipment like television sets, lights, air-conditioners and door openers, as well as it functions as a communication device and supports phone calls and SMS.


Using the device, which also provides scanning functionality only takes a light touch on the screen or on the external switch. 


If you have any questions about GEWA One, or want to be guided through our product assortment, contact our sales team here: https://www.abilia.com/en/abilias-world/our-team


Read more about GEWA One here: https://www.abilia.com/en/our-products/environmental-control/controllers/gewa-one


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