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Diversity means more profitable companies

Today, many potential employees are alienated from work due to cognitive disabilities. This not only creates social exclusion but can contribute to poorer mental health, worse living conditions and can lead to people being in an unstable financial position.


Today, employees have higher expectations of their employers and stress the importance of a workplace characterized by diversity and inclusion. These values are rapidly becoming a selling point in recruiting.  Companies are increasingly striving to offer a better and more stimulating working environment that makes use of unrealized potential and different experience.


Companies are missing out on untapped competencies. By making small adjustment in work tempo, work tasks and giving the right support in terms of aids and managerial support we can use peoples full potential and get a real job done as well as being part of everyday working life.

By using our cognitive assistive aids we support companies in creating a diverse work place but also

  • Access new competencies
  • Integrated people with disabilities in an efficient way
  • Improves working environment for all parties, employee, colleagues and manager
  • Cost efficiency by matching the real potential of an employee to the right work tasks.