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Independent, Connected and Safe

Group home


Well-being in group homes with the right assistive technology


It is important for providers of group homes for people with disabilities to create safe living spaces for residents and safe working spaces for staff. As the residents gain greater confidence and independence, it will be easier for the staff to focus on value-adding activities and developing the group home.


Running an LSS home today involves a number of challenges. The overall objective is to provide support and services to individuals with more severe disabilities, promote equality in living conditions and full participation in the life of the community, and make it possible for the individual concerned to live as others do. The group home needs to be of good quality, and provide the individual with self-determination, privacy, influence and co-determination to the greatest extent possible. It is an undeniably difficult task, as people with disabilities need a lot of support.


Studies show that problems like these can be overcome, without the need for major investments. Assistive technology is available that makes a difference not only to residents, staff and family members, but also to the group home as a whole. There are several good examples where LSS homes have introduced individual cognitive aids to create clarity and structure for the residents, which have helped to improve their communicative ability. This has had a knock-on effect of a better work environment for the staff.


A well-functioning group home is created by balancing the recovery and activity level of each resident.



Abilia’s assistive technology enables


  • Understanding and making oneself understood via alternatives and complementary communication
  • Peace of mind and recovery via sensory-stimulating weighted products
  • Safety and privacy with different types of alarms
  • Predictability and self-esteem via digital tools for cognitive support
  • Independence and freedom – created through the ability to control one’s surroundings






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