Emfit Epilepsy Alarm

Art.nr: 464000 Instructions

The Emfit Epilepsy Alarm has been developed to register epileptic attacks with muscle seizures, such as generalised tonic-clonic (GTC) attacks, of a person lying in bed.

It will register any abnormal and continuous movements over a pre-set timespan.


The Emfit Epilepsy Alarm consists of a sensor that is placed beneath the mattress. The sensor is connected to a control device which can be mounted onto a wall using the accompanying bracket, or placed on a bedside table.

The sensor sends a signal to the control unit which sounds an adjustable alarm. By using the accessory All in One, the control unit can also forward the alarm to a pager or cellphone.

The signal system gives you the security you need as it calls for attention from family members or staff. The technical solution is adapted to the property’s physical environment and the procedures for how the alarm is received.

Emfit epilepsy alarms are part of a series of reliable alarm products which are well tested and used in both home and residential care around the world.

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