Andromeda IRZ-REC 4 419830 Instructions

Andromeda IRZ–REC 4 is a programmable receiver with 4 relay outputs (4 functions). It is programmable with GewaLink channels and coded channels (4096 Code). The receiver can also be controlled by Gewa Radio. IRZ–REC 4 is compatible with all older GewaLink transmitters. External detectors can be connected. External control switch (Elbow switch) can also be connected. A variety of functions can be set as:
monostable function, bistable function, delay on time, minimum time, maximum time, public function and polycode. Combinations of functions are also possible.

Technical information

Maximum relay load:
3A, 24V AC⁄DC resistive load
Relay function:
Supply voltage:
12–24V AC⁄DC (–10% – +20%), 50–60 Hz
Maximum current drawn when idle:
20mA (2 detectors, relay inactive, Gewa Radio inactive)
Maximum current drawn:
135mA (2 detectors, relay active, Gewa Radio active)
Maximum external detectors:
96 x 96 x 36 mm
Polar white
IP–21, Indoors
Ambient temperature:
–20° – +35°C, (–4° – +95°F)

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