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Somna Vest Balance



The Somna Vest Balance is a daytime product that primarily affects the sense of touch and the muscle/joint senses. The chains in the vest stimulate the wearer, producing a calming effect. Fastening the vest adds both pressure and weight. The Somna Vest Balance offers the same calming, focusing effect as our Somna Blanket provides during the night-time, but in a wearable form. It comes in both junior and adult sizes, with varying weights.


Weights Somna Vest Balance

Junior (4-8 år) – 1 kg
XS – 2 kg
S/M – 2,5 kg
M/L – 3 kg
L/XL – 3,5 kg 600910       Somna Vest Balance Junior (4-8 years) 600915       Somna Vest Balance XS 600920       Somna Vest Balance S/M 600922       Somna Vest Balance M/L 600925       Somna Vest Balance L/XL


The products are marketed as technical aids class I for people with disabilities and comply with Regulation (EU) 2017/745 - MDR.