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Somna Blanket



The Somna Blanket has a two-in-one function: it is up to you whether you want more or less tactile stimulation. Using the blanket enables you to relax, wind down, and achieve a better quality of sleep. The blanket comes in junior and adult sizes, in various weights.


A softer and warmer blanket


The Somna Blanket Sensitive is available for those who prefer a softer blanket. It has the same two-in-one function as the classic Somna Blanket, but in the Sensitive model the softer side has twice as much padding. Having the padded side against the body gives the user a deep, pleasant pressure, while having the chain side against the body provides greater tactile stimulation.


Which weight is best for you?


The most common weights are 6, 8 and 10 kg, but the ideal weight is very much down to the individual. 


Art. nr. 500170 

Somna Blanket 4 kg (140 cm)

Art. nr. 500175 

Somna Blanket 6 kg (140 cm)

Art. nr. 500180 

Somna Blanket 8 kg (140 cm)

Art. nr. 700590 

Somna Blanket 8 kg Balance (140 cm)

Art. nr. 500185 

Somna Blanket 10 kg (140 cm)

Art. nr. 500190 

Somna Blanket 12 kg (140 cm)

Art. nr. 500195 

Somna Blanket 14 kg (140 cm)

Art. nr. 500200 

Somna Blanket Junior 3 kg (140 cm)

Art. nr. 500205 

Somna Blanket Junior 5 kg (140 cm)


Somna Blanket is certified by RISE according to OEKO-TEX® standard 100 class of OEKO-TEX® product class I incl license number SE-21-270. This ensures that the product meets high human ecological requirements requirements, that is, it does not contain chemicals in quantities that are harmful to health.


The products are marketed as technical aids class I for people with disabilities and comply with Regulation (EU) 2017/745 - MDR.