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A richer, fuller life for everyone


The diagnosis and the challenges may differ, but the goal is always the same: to help everyone live a richer, fuller life. The diagnosis may be Down’s syndrome, cerebral palsy, ADHD/ADD, or autism spectrum disorder. Or it may be a spinal cord or brain injury in an accident, a stroke, or the beginnings of dementia. The challenges can range from communication issues to difficulties with planning and structuring simple everyday tasks.


Abilia provides specialized aids to deal with specific challenges:


  • Difficulties with spoken communication
  • Being dependent on others (such as relatives) to perform everyday tasks
  • Difficulties using appliances at home
  • Cognitive challenges such as:
    • Focusing on the task at hand
    • Planning the day
    • Difficulty handling changes
    • Remembering how to perform certain tasks
    • Difficulties in interacting in a social context


Abilia offers a broad range of assistive tools to help people create structure in their daily lives, communicate with those around them, control functions in the home or call for assistance when required. We’ve divided our aids into four categories: Communication, Cognition, Environmental Control and Alarms.




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