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New features in MEMOplanner

From December 10, there is new features in MEMOplanner ver 3.7. You can download the new version directly from MEMOplanner.


The most important features in MEMOplanner version 3.7:

  • Notes as extra function
  • Connect and see status of wi-fi from quick settings
  • Folders are shown in MEMOplanner for Checklists and base activities.



Note as extra function

Add an existing note or create a new one.

Only possible to connect a note OR a checklist, not both.

Notes can be created and handled on myAbilia.







Wifi in Quick settings

Click on arrow icon to change or connect to wi fi network.

Status (Connected, Not connected) is shown by icon
and text in quick settings view









Folders in checklists / base activities

Folders is now also available in MEMOplanner views. 

New view where user choose between new or existing.





You can update to MEMOplanner ver. 3.7 directly from your device:

Go to: Menu > Settings > System > About Memoplanner

  • Search updating
  • Choose download
  • Choose install


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