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New feature in myAbilia

We have now created a new function in myAbilia, just in time for vacation season when many of us take a break from our everyday routines.

On 16 May 2019, we are launching the new Vacation Manager function on myAbilia. 

Using the Vacation Manager, it is now possible to remove recurring activities for a certain period of time. 

Many of our users add recurring activities with reminders for the entire year or for parts of the year. If you have many recurring activities, such as school schedule, working hours or exercise, you can now easily remove them from your vacation time. 

The function is available in the calendar on myAbilia. Click on New and then on Vacation Manager. Select your vacation period and mark the recurring activities that you wish to remove for that period, and finish by confirming. 

Changes to the calendar in myAbilia will, as usual, directly synchronise to the device connected to your myAbilia account.

We wish you a wonderful holiday!