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Improved cognitive accessibility in GEWA Connect

GEWA Connect assists disabled people to control their physical environment, such as lamps, TV, windows and doors, by using an app installed in their own smartphone. When using GEWA Connect, one is also able to surf the web, make calls and send SMS', as well as use the usual apps such as Facebook, news and music apps.


The updated GEWA Connect 3.0 is able to simplify life for people who require cognitive support by:

  • Dynamic buttons that are adapted for the space
  • The possibility of colour-coding buttons
  • Simplified call and SMS functionality.


The dynamic buttons, that are adapted in accordance with the size of the screen, and the possibility of colour-coding the buttons, makes it easier for the person to use and understand the various features. Moreover, thanks to the simplified accessibility of calling and SMSing, it is easier to maintain contact with family and friends.


The new and improved cognitive accessibility in GEWA Connect is available by updating the software on your smartphone.