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Abilia signs partner agreement with Steeper Group

Abilia has a long experience in developing assistive tools and offers a broad range of products in the area of Environmental Control Systems (ECS). Abilia empowers people with special needs by developing innovative products within the ECS area.


For installation and support services within the ECS area Abilia works together with key partners. To this end the agreement between Abilia and Steeper Group is announced. This aligns the Abilia product delivery strategy in the United Kingdom with the rest of Europe. 


Steeper Group is one of the leading providers of Assistive Technology (AT) in the UK with an existing portfolio of AT equipment, a national network of engineers and high-quality customer service. As such, they are the obvious service partner for Abilia.


The agreement with Steeper Group makes them the primary partner for NHS customers outsourcing delivery of installation and maintenance services. Steeper will also resell Abilia’s ECS products to the customers where the installation and maintenance services are carried out. We at Abilia are convinced of the competence and quality Steeper will offer our existing customers. 


Abilia will continue to develop ECS products for all markets and will retain a direct sales delivery service to the NHS and other customers in combination with technical account support provided by its consultant engineering team made up of existing senior technicians based in the UK. 


“We are pleased to have signed a partner agreement with Steeper and we are convinced of the competence and quality Steeper will offer our existing customers in their services.  The UK market is strategic in Abilia’s determination to grow internationally and we will keep on developing high quality products for Environmental Control”, says Tove Christiansson, CEO at Abilia