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Abilia helps people control both the virtual and physical world

On the 4th of October Abilia launches GEWA Connect, a completely new environmental control product, in the UK and selected markets. GEWA Connect helps users with special needs to control the appliances in their home and lets them use existing apps in smartphones and tablets. Users become more independent, more in control of their lives and able to live a fulfilling life.

GEWA Connect is the latest addition to the portfolio of GEWA environmental control products, products that are being used all over the world and are known for superior reach and quality. With GEWA Connect the physical room and virtual world are merged and both can be easily controlled.


Smartphones and tablets come packed with functionality for a rich social and connected life, GEWA Connect lets users with special needs access all these functions with a single switch. It becomes easy to use Facebook, a favorite web browser, and stay in touch with family and friends by making phone calls or sending text messages. GEWA Connect lets you use existing apps the way they were intended, there is no need to be restricted to special apps with reduced functionality.


The remote control app in GEWA Connect is easy to use and can be used to turn on and off lights, open windows and the front door, operate a TV and music players. It makes users become more independent and feel safe both in their home and at work.


“We at Abilia have always strived to give people with special needs access to a more fulfilling life, and our GEWA products have helped thousands of people to become independent by controlling their physical environment.” says Tove Christenson, CEO at Abilia. “GEWA Connect is the perfect fit in our environmental control portfolio, giving people access also to the online world”


The new GEWA Connect will be on display at REHACARE in Düsseldorf on 4-7 October. You are welcome to come the Abilia booth in hall 5/A03 where we will tell you more!


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