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Abilia continue to strengthen its position on the German market with the approval of the medical technology cognitive aid MEMOplanner


Abilia, a market leader in cognitive assistive technology, continue to strengthen its position on the German market with the GKV-Spitzenverband's approving the cognitive time and planning aid MEMOplanner as a prescription aid. GEWA One, an environmental control solution, is already listed in the German Hilfsmittelverzeichnis register for technical aids. This register is important for prescribers, users and others seeking information about assistive devices and their intended effect when used.




MEMOplanner, an MDR-classified medical technical device, gives users structure and clarity in everyday life, which leads to increased independence, security and reduced stress for people with cognitive impairments, such as ADHD, autism and dementia. Through Abilia's web service myAbilia, relatives and support persons can easily contribute to the planning and follow-up of activities remotely.






Tove Christiansson
Tove Christiansson

"The approval of MEMOplanner as a prescription aid in Germany is an important step for Abilia in our international venture. The GKV-Spitzenverband sets high standards for the assistive technology in the aids register, including evidence showing effectiveness when used, so it is a very good rating of MEMOplanner. The fact that we have opened the door for people to get access to MEMOplanner means that more people can live a more independent life and increase their ability to participate and be included in society," says Tove Christiansson, CEO, Abilia.





MEMOplanner is distributed in Germany through Abilia's partner RehaMedia which has also played an important role in the process of approval of MEMOplanner by the GKV-Spitzenverband.



Gamal Halaga
Gamal Halaga

“This will make a big difference for everyone with cognitive challenges in Germany, for example people with ADHD, autism or dementia, who can now receive support that makes life easier. We see an increased demand for cognitive assistive technology and the approval gives the professionals a recognized aid with MEMOplanner now available for prescription in the aids register. Now individuals can finally get the support they are entitled to," says Gamal Halaga, CEO, RehaMedia GmbH & Co. KG.





MEMOplanner is available in Germany from 1 June 2024.



About RehaMedia

RehaMedia is a service-provider for persons with physical and cognitive disabilities. RehaMedia has been in business for over 30 years, serving customers and professionals by providing consultation, sales and service of medical devices such as cognition aids, communication aids and computer access.


By working closely together with partners such as Abilia and with professionals on site, RehaMedia can provide high-quality, individual solutions for our customers.

RehaMedia has offices and consultants in 11 German states.


RehaMedia is a member of the German Association of Assistive Technology ( as well as a member of, the European Association for assistive Technology. RehaMedia is certified according to the international standard for medical devices companies, ISO 13485, and works according to the European Union Medical Device Regulation, MDR.


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