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Abilia broadens its offer in communication and social interaction with the acquisition of Kompany AS and the product Komp


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With the acquisition of Kompany AS, Abilia strengthens its offer in welfare technology for communication and social interaction, for both individuals and elderly care organisations. The product Komp enables social interaction for the elderly who are looking for a simple product for digital communication, which creates great value for both staff, individuals, families and society. 


One of the challenges for our elderly is involuntary loneliness. Social interaction has a positive effect on our mental and physical health; feeling of inclusion and security strengthens individuals to independence and increased well-being. Social interaction stimulates cognitive functions, which is especially important for people with dementia, and can slow down the progression of dementia symptoms. Komp is a product for communication that enables social interaction without requiring technical skills. 


"Technology should not be an obstacle to social interaction. When your memory or fine motor skills fail you and when things that used to be easy becomes difficult, we want to be able to offer products that make the difficult easy. It is a driving force for us at Abilia," says Tove Christiansson, CEO of Abilia. 


Tove Christiansson
Tove Christiansson



For relatives, Komp provides an easy way to share good times with their parent or partner through video calls and by sending pictures and text messages. For home care services and nursing homes, Komp enables a simple communication channel, as a complement to physical visits, to create inclusion, activation and security. 


Komp one-button product for social interaction



"We have followed the development of Komp and seen its impact on the market during covid when the need for simple products for social interaction became extremely clear. We are very pleased to now bring the product into our product portfolio together with a competent and driven development team that accelerates Abilia's ability to innovate for the future”, says Johan Tegstam Chief Product Officer at Abilia.  


Johan Tegstam
Johan Tegstam



About Kompany 

Kompany is a spin-off from the company No Isolation. The development of Komp started in 2017, with a clear goal to offer a simple to use product for communication that enables social interaction for elderly. 


Komp is a standalone, one-button product for social interaction. Komp is designed for seniors who are struggling with using touchscreens, remembering passwords and handling software updates. By using the Komp-app, family members can communicate with their relatives through video calls, messages and photos in a safe and secure way.  


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